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Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

The evidence from 2015 is clear: traditional signature-based end-point protection is ineffective against the modern attack, which is persistent and targets zero-day vulnerabilities. Here are some factoids for consideration : … Continue reading

PCI DSS 3.1 – What Retailers Need to Know

Guest blog by EventTracker CEO, A.N. Ananth for Solution Providers for Retail The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that … Continue reading

If you Set and Forget, you will Regret

Information Security Buzz Overworked system administrators and their equally harried managers everywhere would love to hear from vendors that some SILVER BULLET security technology will keep them safe from all … Continue reading

The Seven Habits of Highly Fraudulent Users

Information Security buzz This post from Izzy at SiftScience describes patterns culled from 6 million transactions over a three month sample. The “fraud” sample consisted of transactions confirmed fraudulent by customers; … Continue reading

What Is a Stolen Credit Card Worth?

Solution Providers for Retail Cybercrime and stealing credit cards has been a hot topic all year. From the Target breach to Sony, the classic motivation for cybercriminals is profit. So … Continue reading

Whitepaper: Why EventTracker is the Best Choice for Security Information and Event Management

MSPmentor Offers a brief overview of the top 6 reasons EventTracker should be your security information and event management solution. Read the full  whitepaper at MSPmentor

Gartner Rates Security Solutions in Annual Magic Quadrant Report

Enterprise Security Today Gartner has just published its annual Magic Quadrant report for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Technology. In its report, the industry research firm rates 15 vendors … Continue reading

EventTracker 7.6: Digging Into Details for Intrusion Detection

Virtualization Review Finding security problems isn’t easy, with all the information generated by a typical datacenter. It’s worth your time to investigate solutions. A. N. Ananth, CEO of EventTracker, visited to … Continue reading

Security opportunities for MSPs

Computer Dealer News What is the biggest thing in tech news today? It’s not the cloud, and it’s definitely not “managed services.” With the advent of things like Office 365, … Continue reading

IT Supply Chains – Under Siege

A recent Gartner report finds that enterprise IT supply chains will be targeted and compromised, forcing changes in the structure of the IT marketplace and how IT will be managed … Continue reading

Scott Air Force Base poised for military cybersecurity boom

Belleville New-Democrat As the Air Force downsizes many traditional career fields, it is investing massively in one of its top priorities — cybersecurity. Read more here.

SMBs Can Meet Compliance Regulations with Cloud-Based SIEM Solution

IT Business Edge IT Business Edge interviews EventTracker’s A.N. Ananth about the use of cloud-based SIEM technology, like EventTracker Cloud, to meet regulatory compliance in small and midsized businesses.  Read … Continue reading

EventTracker Cloud: it’s not a SIEM; it’s an early-warning system

451 Group This paper, written by analyst Javvad Malik of the 451 Group, discusses EventTracker Cloud, a SaaS monitoring product for networks, systems and applications.  At the lowest level, EventTracker … Continue reading

NetworkWorld – Products of the Week

NetworkWorld EventTracker Cloud is featured as one of NetworkWorld’s Products of the Week.  See it here!

The State of Encryption, Part 1: Where Are We Now?

IDG Connect NSA revelations have placed an increased emphasis on encryption, with MIT Tech Review labeling 2014 “The Year of Encryption”. In a two part special, IDG Connect speaks to … Continue reading

Small Retailers, Big Target

Solution Providers for Retail Ananth’s guest blog discusses why retailers are big targets for hackers and lists some simple steps retailers can take to avoid a POS breach.  Read the … Continue reading

The healthcare USB storage device security conundrum This article, written by A.N. Ananth, discusses how healthcare organizations can protect themselves and meet compliance requirements without compromising the benefits of USB devices.  Read the full article from, … Continue reading

How To Avoid Breaches Where You Least Expect Them

DarkReading A.N. Ananth comments as a security expert on how to detect attacks in less critical systems.  Read the full article in Dark Reading here.

Changeable default passwords are not seen as vulnerabilities by ICS-CERT, but should they be?

CSO Online While responding to a vulnerability report submitted in April, ICS-CERT told a researcher that documented, changeable default passwords are not vulnerabilities. But given the risk behind default passwords … Continue reading

Top 15 Indicators Of Compromise

DarkReading A.N. Ananth comments as an IT Security expert on the key indicators of a data breach. Read the full article in DarkReading, here.

7 Starter Steps For Security Analytics Success

DarkReading A.N. Ananth comments on how to quickly improve analytics work to better understand IT risks and adjust security practices in this DarkReading article. Read it here.

Getting the Compliance Budget “Just Right”

Infosecurity Magazine A risk aware, long-term approach to regulatory compliance budgets is the path toward optimized spending. EventTracker’s AN Ananth explains his Goldilocks strategy. Read the full article here.   … Continue reading

The keys to a compliance-ready records retention schedule

SearchCompliance A.N. Ananth comments on how to maintain different regulatory compliance standards with data retention plans and other compliance policies. Read the full article in SearchCompliance here.

In Fight Against Hacktivists, Financial Firms Need Layers of Security

Wall Street and Technology EventTracker’s CEO, A.N. Ananth comments on how companies should increase security to protect their networks from hacktivists and disgruntled employees.  The full article in Wall Street … Continue reading

The evolution of Security and Information Event Management systems

XTCA & Compact PCI Systems EventTracker’s CEO, A.N. Ananth comments on the change in SIEM solutions over time, and how social media and the cloud has impacted their growth. Read … Continue reading

What Snowden’s thumb-drive stash of NSA secrets means for feds

Federal Computer Week EventTracker’s CEO, A.N. Ananth, comments on the recent leak of classified information by former NSA contract employee Edward Snowden, who allegedly copied the information onto a thumb … Continue reading

SC Magazine 5-Star Review

SC Magazine EventTracker has received a 5-star rating and a recommendation from SC Magazine. Strengths: This product is a well-designed enterprise-class tool. Weaknesses: Hard to find a substantial weakness. Verdict: … Continue reading

IT security: Luxury or commodity in these uncertain times?

SC Magazine A.N. Ananth’s article discusses how the IT security budget will fare as spending is closely examined to prepare for budget cuts.  Read the full article in SC Magazine, … Continue reading

Thieves, spies move to AVTs: advanced volatile threats

USA Today A.N. Ananth comments on the emergence of Advanced Volatile Threats and what it could mean for the future of cyber threats.  Read the full article in USA Today, here.

Worry Not Because the Threat Is from China, But Because the Threat Is Real

IT Business Edge A.N. Ananth comments on protecting not only against the Chinese security threat, but cyber threats in general in this article by IT Business Edge.

Obama’s cybersecurity executive order issued for critical infrastructure

SearchSecurity Jagat Shah comments on the executive order issued by Obama that aims to create voluntary cybersecurity standards and best practices.  The full article in SearchSecurity can be found here.

7 Routes To Reducing The Compliance ‘Tax’

Dark Reading A.N. Ananth discusses how companies that use a top-down approach when it comes to regulatory compliance can significantly reduce costs.  The full article in Dark Reading can be … Continue reading

Analysts Recommend Diligent Network Monitoring for Public Sector Cyber Security

GCNnet A.N. Ananth discusses the need for the public sector to take threats seriously and monitor their networks diligently. The full article in GCNnet can be found here.

Disable Java? For agencies, the real question is: Why not?

GCN A.N. Ananth discusses the pros and cons of disabling Java in government agencies. The full article in GCN can be found here.

Jettisoning Java: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

TechNewsWorld A.N. Ananth discusses the pros and cons of disabling Java to guard against a zero-day attack. The full article in TechNewsWorld can be found here.