EventTracker Security Center

…Thank you for bringing [blocked IP addresses] to our attention and thank you for all of your help with EventTracker. [Your monitored SIEM service] has been a great tool for us."
Trevor O’Donnal CISSP, CCFE, GREM
Brigham Young University
I am used to waiting sometimes such a long period of time for any response from help desks with all the vendors we work with. Your product by far has the best response I have ever seen in the industry”
Bryan Sunderland, Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union
Our company was very concerned about the value proposition. EventTracker provided us with the specific feature-sets we required at the time, for an economical price.”
Patrick Thurman, CIO
Service Repair Solutions
The EventTracker User and Admin training courses I attended were excellent. I was able to take what I learned and apply it immediately to my network. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and effective. ”
Robert Sumpter, Orlando Utilities Commission
EventTracker is a solid SIEM product, but when coupled with the excellence and dedication of Prism’s technical support team, the combination is impressive indeed.”
Gavin Landless, Security & Support Technician
Beacon Federal
EventTracker provides key information in 1 convenient console. A task the used to take almost 6 hours to complete now only takes 20 minutes!”
Alex Maynard, IT Security
Credit Union Central of Ontario

Protecting the IT Infrastructure

EventTracker Security Center allows organizations to identify potential internal threats and external threats, and eliminate them before harm can be done to the IT infrastructure or the data within.  The IT security staff can address the most critical incidents first and reduce the time it takes to isolate and correct the issue by up to 75 percent, minimizing potential exposure and costs.  EventTracker Security Center is designed give a complete view of the IT infrastructure, enabling the IT security team to be aware of security incidents in real-time.

The more connected and reliant on automated systems a business becomes, the greater the risk of attack and serious breach. As attacks grow more sophisticated and automated, even smaller businesses can become targets. In addition, theft and the misplacement of data by trusted insiders have become serious risks. Electronic data is now mobile, and as a result, more at risk.  EventTracker Security Center is designed to protect your IT infrastructure, and reduce the frequency of attacks.  Monitor users, active directory changes, administrative activities, file/folder access, databases, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and much more.

EventTracker Security Center provides instant security alerts and a real-time dashboard for viewing every incident in the infrastructure, with an optional automatic remediation function that can be set to perform any action required.