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Succeeding with SIEM

Add customers, driver greater revenue per customer and increase customer loyalty now!

EventTracker for MSP is designed to provide our channel partners with an award-winning security platform for SMBs and mid-size enterprises.

Midsize enterprises are required to maintain strong security postures while meeting regulatory compliance but most lack the IT tools and expertise to meet these challenges. Your customers look to their trusted relationship with you to provide an IT security solution that delivers measurable value and assurance, but is affordable and low risk. With EventTracker for MSPs, you can provide your customers with an affordable and low risk solution that allows them to:

  • Monitor all IT assets continuously
  • Identify security risks and improve protection
  • Demonstrate compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.)

EventTracker for MSPs

EventTracker for MSPs is based on our SC Magazine Best Buy and 5 Star-rated EventTracker SIEM platform. It is sold exclusively through the MSP/MSSP channel. No hardware is needed at the customer site, and security certified experts provide as much or as little management of IT security as your clients require ranging from hardware and software updates to tuning the SIEM platform for maximum efficiency.
MSP/MSSP partners can customize branded portfolios, set pricing and product offerings with our white-label service. We make it easy for you with one monthly invoice and metered licensing, the ability to monitor all your customers from a single dashboard, and pay-as-you-go pricing after an initial set up fee. Customer support is available, along with lead protection and lead registration.

Three distinct programs are offered to provide you with a robust portfolio of IT security offerings that increase your revenues and meet the needs of your clients:

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