Improve Security, Maintain Compliance and Increase Operational Efficiency

The common element in the continually changing security environment is the loss of control. Ownership no longer means security or trust. Information can be stolen, manipulated and altered. Threats are no longer just external, but can be internal assets – employees who unwittingly, or deliberately – place the enterprise’s security in jeopardy.

Regulated industries are under greater scrutiny and pressure to protect confidential information and sensitive data. Meeting compliance requirements can be a costly endeavor as time and resources are constrained.

With EventTracker Enterprise, organizations have complete visibility into their IT infrastructure. Know what’s happening now, what happened previously, what changed, and be compliant.  EventTracker offers a high-level view, but allows you to drill down to the most granular level and provide you with the information you need – whether you are in charge of overall implementation, security, and compliance, or focused on the details of the events of specific devices.

IT Security

The new language of effective security requires us to treat all endpoints in the system (users, devices, packets, URLs) as potential vulnerabilities or hostiles.


Traditional security controls like firewalls and antivirus are no longer effective: it is increasingly difficult to recognize when your enterprise has been breached or infected, and context is a necessary part of real-time security decisions.  Organizations have different options to meet these turbulent and rapid changes, but adapting in the new security landscape requires a powerful and dynamic Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and event log management solution that can deliver vital and actionable data.

EventTracker Enterprise enables your organization to be aware of potential security risks and internal or external threats can be identified and eliminated before they are exploited. It guarantees your organization has the ability to respond to a security incident and have the necessary data and tools for forensic analysis. The total time required to investigate and mitigate a security incident can be reduced by up to 75 percent, minimizing the potential exposure and costs.

Regulatory Compliance

EventTracker Enterprise empowers organizations to maintain regulatory compliance and simplifies the audit process, reducing audit times by up to 90%. Detailed reporting minimizes the time and effort to determine potential gaps in compliance requirements, and address them efficiently.


EventTracker Enterprise processes hundreds of millions of discrete log messages to distill critical information to the organization and provides a 360o view of the entire IT infrastructure, offering real-time alerting and reporting. EventTracker allows organizations to maintain continuous compliance.

EventTracker Enterprise has built-in monitoring and reporting for FDCC, FFIEC, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, NERC, NISPOM, PCI-DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX 404).

IT Operations

EventTracker Enterprise greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of the IT staff by prioritizing operational incidents, and with real-time alerting, enables them to address the most critical incidents first.