Delivery Options

On Premises

EventTracker can be deployed On-Premises for customers who prefer their equipment to reside in their data center.  EventTracker is a software-based SIEM and log management solution that resides in a Windows Server environment. The size of the processor and memory is determined by each customer’s unique implementation. Some installations will operate properly at the minimum system requirements, while others may require more memory and processing power based on the number of devices, log volume, etc. EventTracker may also be deployed in a virtual environment using VM Ware. In both cases, an on premises installation implies that the EventTracker software resides at the customer’s location in some form or fashion.

Cloud Hosted

For some customers, the space requirements, manpower issues, or lack of technical expertise make a cloud-hosted solution more attractive, and EventTracker is deployed in a Tier 1 EventTracker data center. EventTracker will manage the following:

  • Secure Virtual Private Cloud (single tenant) environment
  • Installation
  • Server disk space
  • Platform management
  • Antivirus installation and updates
  • Windows updates
  • Back-up/restore