Integrated Solutions that Make SIEM Seamless

The key features of EventTracker Enterprise expand its competences beyond SIEM and log management and include File Integrity Monitoring, Change Audit, Config Assessment, Cloud Integration, Event Correlation, and writeable media monitoring.

EventTracker 8 now adds improvement in four major areas:

  • New security components to address the modern threat

    • Attackers and Targets dashboard – to pinpoint the 4 Ws (who, what, when, where)
    • Host level capabilities – identify parent processes, host artifacts
    • User logon affinity – detect unusual login places
    • Unknown process detection – report by signature, publisher, MD5 Hash
    • Deep integration with many threat intelligence sources
  • Easier compliance

    • New Top Level Summary reports to show you status at a glance
    • Support for more regulatory standards
  • New Knowledge Packs

    • New Knowledge Center on the website
    • Integration Guides, reports, alerts, dashboards available
  • Ease of use

    • Completely refreshed GUI
    • Touch/tap ready, responsive design to fit form factors from tablets to desktops