Our Solution: Expert Co-Managed Services

SIEM Simplified, EventTracker’s award winning professional services team, augments your existing resources and allows you to remain focused on the unique requirements of your enterprise while actively leveraging our expertise.

SIEM-DedicatedAvail_SunMoon Dedicated Resources: The SIEM Simplified team is responsible your for EventTracker implementation so you can focus on the other demands of your job.
SIEM-Expertise_Reports Specific Expertise: The SIEM Simplified team possesses specific expertise and certifications including CISA, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, and MCP among others.
SIEM-ScaleScope_Cogs Scale and Scope: We know your resources are limited. We’re here to augment your IT staff and can scale our processes across your entire organization.

The SIEM Simplified staff works with your team to plan, scope, and install the implementation, then will run, watch and tune the implementation on your behalf. We know these are the critical difference between buying a SIEM and realizing the benefits of the purchase, and failing to derive the value you want and hope for with your initial purchase. Learn more