Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Top 5 Indicators of Evil on Windows Hosts: Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Bad guys are lurking in your network neighborhood, kicking doors and testing entry points, all the time. Threatscape 2015 is evolving rapidly, but your resources and staff may not be enough to meet these challenges. Most IT security heads and admins are so busy managing operations and ensuring the company’s ongoing security efforts that “detection deficit” sets in and they miss key indicators that their network has been compromised.
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Industry Trends in Log Management

ETM Security Podcast: Insight into SIEM

Dr. Anton Chuvakin leads an all-star panel to provide some useful information on SIEM for enterprises and small organizations. He is joined by A. N. Ananth (Prism Microsystems), Nick Briers (IBM TIVOLI) and Brian Singer (NOVELL). Click to watch

Driving Business ROI with EventTracker

Security & Compliance for Electric Coops

This webinar discusses the security and compliance requirements for Electric Coops, how to improve your data security, and how EventTracker can help you maintain confident compliance. Click to watch

Improve data security and meet the PCI-DSS compliance requirement

This webinar discusses the PCI-DSS compliance requirements, how to improve your data security, and how EventTracker can help you maintain confident compliance. Click to watch

Using Behavior-based Correlation to Detect Threats in Real Time

This webinar will describe how you can substantially tighten your security profile and detect security threats in real time by using simple Behavior-based Correlation. This webcast will introduce the technique and show it in action detecting specific security threats. Click to watch

Beyond Traditional Security. Blending Proactive and Reactive Security to Protect the Enterprise.

Traditional firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems leave your organization unprotected from most zero-day and internal attacks. You need a combination of both event and change management practices to protect your organization. This webinar will discuss how to use a combination of proactive and reactive security strategies to shield your organization from these dangerous threats. Click to watch

Are You Monitoring the Top Ten Critical Security, System, and User Events

Monitoring the Microsoft Windows Event Log is critical because the Operating System and key applications continuously record critical security, system and user events in the Log. However, monitoring the Windows Event Log alone is not enough because many important conditions in Windows are not recorded in the Event Log. Click to watch

Defending and Monitoring Enterprise wide USB Storage Devices

In this webinar, we will demonstrate a new way how, by using EventTracker’s USB monitoring capability, you can limit USB access to certain devices on specific machines at the same time actively monitoring USB activity on all systems. Click to watch

Detecting a Hacking Attempt

In today’s technological environment, threat profiles are evolving constantly and growing in sophistication and the impact of successful attacks is far more severe in terms of lost revenue and negative publicity. Relying on reactive anti-virus and rule-based firewall systems alone are often insufficient to prevent damage. It is critical to quickly and effectively respond while an attack is in progress. Click to watch

Top Ten Best Practices to Stop Insider Threats

These “Best Practices” have been developed from experience gained through hundreds of customer interactions. This webinar will: * discuss the top ten insider activities you have to monitor* demonstrate how to quickly and cost-effectively implement these valuable recommendations. Click to watch

Monitoring unauthorized changes for your Enterprise

Attend this webinar to learn how implementing change control in your environment can help you pro-actively handle critical security challenges including: * Maintain a trail of unauthorized/authorized changes * BOTnet and Zero Day attack analysis & monitoring * Detection of cracked binaries Click to watch

Tracking Down a FTP Hack Attempt

With attacks happening on a daily bases it’s important to ensure that you are collecting data from all systems and applications within your organization. Each of these logs contain valuable data, that when reviewed can help you resolve issues within your environment and help to stop attackers. In this webinar we will show you how finding 1 item in your logs can help you to track down every system where an attacker attempted to gain access to. Click to watch

Insider Threats in Your Organization (WikiLeaks)

In the light of recent events, government agencies are reviewing current provisions for protecting classified and top secret data. They are researching best practices and alternative methods to monitor, prevent, and document data loss. Attend this webinar to learn: how the leaks happened; telltale signs of a leak; what you can do to prevent them Click to watch

Compliance Series: Auditor's Most Requested Reports

Government Compliance

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Commercial Compliance

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