Tracking an End-User’s Activities through the Windows Security Log and Other Audit Logs

Date: Tuesday, June 25 at 1 p.m. (EDT)
Presented by: Randy Franklin Smith and A.N. Ananth

You need to be able to track end user actions on your network to:

  • Support forensic investigations
  • Trace hackers that have compromised a user’s account
  • Support accountability and acceptable use policies
  • Track down the “inexplicable”
  • Prove user responsibility for disappearing files
  • Track the steps of users impersonating another user

In this very technical webinar, you will learn how to follow a user’s footsteps throughout the network, beginning with logon and tracking the programs the run, the servers they access and the objects they access.  Then you will see how EventTracker’s award-winning SIEM solution can handle specific cases.

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About A.N. Ananth

As the co-founder and CEO of Prism Microsystems. Ananth was one of the original architects of the EventTracker enterprise log management solution. With an extensive background in product development and operations for telecom network management, he has consulted for many companies on their compliance strategy, audit policy and automated reporting processes. He is a leading expert in IT compliance with over 20 years experience in IT-control and operations and speaks frequently on these topics. He was involved in product development for various companies including Ciena, Westinghouse Wireless and Equatorial Communications. He holds a MSEE from the University of Texas and remains active in strategic product direction at Prism.

About Jagat Shah

Jagat Shah is the co-founder and CTO of EventTracker. Jagat conceived and authored the original implementation of “WhatChanged”, which is now the Change Management component of EventTracker. He is also an expert in the area of security event correlation and best practices for SIEM. Over a 25 year career in IT, he has experienced all aspects of the product life cycle from development to operations. Previous positions include Digital Equipment Corporation and Boeing where he led a team to define security models for Windows, Database and Unix in large and medium enterprises. At EventTracker, he provides technology direction to the sales process. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Boston University.