SIEM Simplified - Managed Security Services

Our experienced staff assumes as much or as little responsibility for all SIEM-related tasks as you require.



EventTracker Control Center (ECC) provides expert EventTracker system administration including:

  • EventTracker software updates, service and knowledge packs, new release upgrades, licensing key installation
  • System health checks, storage projections and log volume/performance analysis
  • Analyze changes in log collection for new systems and non-reporting systems
  • EventTracker Administration and Configuration for Users, Standardized Reports, Dashboards and Alerts
  • Generate Weekly System Status Report
  • Confirm external/third party integrations are functioning normally: Threat Intel Feeds, ET-IDS, ET-VAS


  • Analyze your Alerts, Incidents, Anomalies and Reports
  • Escalate as needed
  • Deliver Critical Observations Report see sample
  • Bi-weekly Snapshot see sample
  • Deliver Monthly or Quarterly Management Executive Dashboard see sample


  • Review Top Level Summary Reports for relevant frameworks
  • Review Detailed Reports as necessary
  • Annotate finding as needed
  • Maintain auditor-ready artifacts-“always be ready for an IT audit”



The SIEM Simplified team provides on-demand expert services on an annual retainer

  • Advanced Correlation and Behavior Analysis Configuration
  • Custom Alerts
  • Custom Scripts
  • Configuring FLEX Reports and Top Level Summaries