Solutions by Role

My Role

I oversee the technology support services for users of technology resources as well as the help desk/system administrators for our organization’s information services. At times I also contribute to problem resolution by giving in-person, hands-on support to end users. My responsibilities include managing help desk/system admin staff, developing procedures related to the monitoring, identification, prioritization, escalation and resolution of issues within the IT infrastructure. I also coordinate end user hardware and software deployments through, manage equipment inventories and oversee the development of end user guides, tips and training materials.

My Need

I need to be able to know what is happening in the IT infrastructure at all times, and be able to have my team address the most critical issues first. They need to be able to react to security issues, compliance issues, and operational issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible. I need a 360 degree view of the infrastructure my team is responsible for, the ability to see those devices/applications each individual is responsible, as well as the ability to delve into the finest details of an incident. I also need real-time alerts to notify me of items that need attending to.

My Solution

The EventTracker family of SIEM and log management solutions provides you with a complete and detailed view of your entire IT infrastructure, and provides the answers to the questions “What’s happening?”, “What happened?”, “Am I secure?”, and “Am I compliant?” Through a centralized, real-time, role-based dashboard you can see the information you need to see at a glance, and delve deeper as required.