Law Firms

Law firms are increasingly being required by their clients to bolster IT security efforts to ensure the safety of restricted corporate data and demonstrate compliance with the relevant industry requirements. Failure to do so can be costly: fines for exfiltration of private information, the violation of confidentiality, detrimental outcome to client trade secrets, loss of the legal firm’s reputation, credibility, and the loss of a client’s trust.
EventTracker can help your law firm improve its security posture while protecting your critical information assets. With EventTracker, you can proactively detect and deter attacks, and help meet the security requirements imposed by your clients industries and policies.
EventTracker enables you to:

  • Monitor your network and be alerted in the event of malware such as ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), or phishing attacks.
  • Assess external and internal vulnerabilities
  • Review access to your servers, workstations, network devices, applications, databases, etc.
  • Demonstrate compliance with PCI-DSS, SOX 404, HIPAA, FFIEC and other regulations, all from a simple easy to use dashboard.

We also offer affordable expert managed services with SIEM Simplified. Our experienced staff assume responsibility for all SIEM related tasks including EventTracker administration and health checks, daily/weekly incident and log reviews, critical observations and more. We augment your IT team, allowing you to focus on your business goals, while actively leveraging our expertise.