Knowledge Update ET75ASIG-001

Released on : 13 February 2014
Applies to Version: 7.5 – All Build

Abstract: List of Suspicious IP Addresses provided by US FBI Cyber Division
File Name: Flash-M000024-BT-CONUS_07-Feb-2014.xlsx and Flash-M000024-BT-OCONUS_07-Feb2014.xlsx
Published Date: 07-Feb-2013

Importing List of Suspicious IP Address (510 CONUS and 4,121 OCONUS) to EventTracker provide by FBI Head Quarter’s Cyber Division. The FBI Cyber Division is an FBI division, which coordinates and investigates on cyber crimes in the United States. It is part of the FBI Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch. This list is published on 07-Feb-2013.

CONUS, is a technical term used by the U.S. Department of Defense, General Services Administration, NOAA/National Weather Service, and others has been defined both as the continental United States, and as the 48 contiguous states.

OCONUS refers to Outside of Continental United States (OCONUS).

Who should read this document
Customers who use 7.5 – All Build


Process to use this ASIG

  1. Download Update
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. It contains four excel files.
    Import Flash-M000024-BT-CONUS_07-Feb-2014.xlsx and Flash-M000024-BT-OCONUS_07-Feb2014.xlsx file.
    The other two excel files i.e. Flash-M000024-BT-CONUS.xlsx and Flash-M000024-BT- OCONUS.xlsx provide more information regarding the suspicious IP addresses.
  4. Create List group for list of suspicious ip address provided by FBI. For e.g.: – FBIListofSuspiciousIP.

To create a group, please follow the steps given below.

    1. Log on to EventTracker Enterprise.
    2. Click the Admin menu, and then select List Management. List Management window displays.
    3. To create a list for the respective group, click ’+’ symbol. Group window displays. The IP Address class is selected by default.
    4. Enter Name: of the group as FBIListofSuspiciousIP and enter an appropriate Description:.

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