EventTracker Windows syslog - Release Notes

The EventTracker engineering team continues to monitor changes in operation management,
enterprise applications, and regulation compliance standards. Version upgrades are made
based on customer feedback and experience in the field, providing you the best solution

V7.2 (Build 512)


  • Contains an windows Agent that can be deployed on Windows XP, 2003, VISTA, 2008 & Windows 7 and can collect all Windows event logs and transmit them in real time as SYSLOG(udp or tcp or encrypted tcp/ssl) to one or more network or security monitoring consoles.
  • These Agents are capable of selectively caching Windows events to a local text file and then upload it at pre-defined intervals via ftp, sftp or scp to one or more network or security monitoring consoles.
  • The Agent can also be configured to transfer other application log files such as IIS or flat files via FTP/SFTP/SCP to one or more network or security monitoring consoles
  • The Agent can monitor application starts and stops, software installs/uninstalls, when the CPU/disk/memory thresholds are crossed, detects runaway processes, when disk space trend changes, and service starts and stops.
  • The Agent also provides enhanced end-point monitoring and security, generating an event when USB/DVD/CD removable media is inserted including the username and device serial number; all file transfers to USB devices are recorded; USB devices can be automatically disabled based on serial number.
  • The Agents can be distributed from a central Manager Console
  • The Agents can be configured from a central Manager Console