EventTracker Enterprise

Enterprise Activity Dashboard
This training illustrates how to use the Enterprise Activity Dashboard to detect security incidents through behavior correlation. The Dashboard monitors and displays the “normal” and “acceptable” behavior and identifies any “new” and “out of ordinary” behavior. A step beyond rule-based correlation where you need to know the condition to write the detection rule, the Enterprise Activity Dashboard provides an easy way to detect the trends and activities that indicate an attack.

Agent Direct Log Archiver
This training session will give you an overview of Agent Direct Log Archive feature and its usage. This session will also show how to configure this feature on agents to increase the performance while reducing bandwidth usage for real time log collection.

Configuration Assessment
This training video will give you an overview of Configuration Assessment feature in EventTracker. This session will also show you how to schedule or run on demand configuration assessment on systems using the FDCC and other built-in benchmarks.

Behavior Analysis
This training video will give you an overview of Behavior Analysis feature in EventTracker. This session will also show you how to configure and tune Behavior analysis dashboard and setup alerts on out of ordinary/new enterprise level activities.

EventTracker Reporting Training#1 Overview of the Reporting Engine
This training session will introduce how to generate reports with EventTracker. You will get acquainted with the EventTracker reporting interface and feature set associated with reports. We recommend this training for all the people who need to generate reports.

EventTracker Reporting Training#2 Analyze and Search Event Log Data
In this training session, you will learn how to analyze and search events for specific conditions and learn how to drill down to a specific problem area using EventTracker’s powerful analytic and reporting capability.

EventTracker Reporting Training#3 How to Generate Custom Reports
This is an advanced training for security officers and IT Admins on how to create a new custom report template for decision support.

How to Monitor UNIX Systems
This session is an overview on how to monitor your UNIX/Linux syslog messages with EventTracker.

Installation and Configuration of the EventTracker Windows Agent
The purpose of this training session is to show how to manage, configure and deploy the EventTracker Windows Agent from the central console.

Monitoring Host Based Intrusion
This is an advanced level security training for security officers who may want to learn best practices to host-based intrusion detection. This training session will teach how to monitor the 20 most critical intrusions.

Overview of EventVault
This training session will show you how to manage Eventvault, EventTracker’s optimized and high performance event warehouse. This session will also introduce the reasons for why a purpose-built event archive is a far better choice for log retention than a traditional relational database system.

Recommended Policy Reports
This session will discuss which reports you should run on a daily and weekly basis.

Using EventTracker as a Host Based Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are a valuable tool to increase overall enterprise security. A host-based IDS analyzes the network, system and application security logs within the systems. Attend this webinar to learn how you can use EventTracker as your own host-based IDS.