Welcome to Log Talk

Welcome to Log Talk, the Prism Microsystems blog that provides active commentary and insight on all things related to Log Management and Analysis. Postings on this blog are intended to provide a mix of actionable tips and knowledge to help you leverage your log data as well as provide advice on compliance and security implementations. Whether you’re a customer or not, we are interested in hearing your opinions and experiences as well. Do you do Log Management? If not, why? If yes, what is your primary purpose for doing so – Compliance, security, systems management? We hope to uncover all this and more and hopefully facilitate some interactive discussion. Please note however that we do reserve the right to remove offensive and/or irrelevant comments.

On an aside, check out this article by Ananth on ‘rightsizing your compliance data gathering‘ for some great advice to keep in mind when implementing a compliance strategy.

More posts coming soon!

– Harmala