Cutting through SIEM/Log Management vendor hype

Cutting through SIEM/Log Management vendor hype

While there is little doubt that SIEM solutions are critical for compliance, security monitoring or IT optimization, it is getting harder for buyers to find the right product for their needs. The reason for this is two fold; firstly, there are a number of products available and vendors have done a great job of making their products sound roughly the same in core features such as correlation, reporting, collection, etc. and secondly, vendors are too busy differentiating on shiny features that in many cases have little or nothing to do with core functionality. This is not surprising. It is easier to spin a shiny feature than slug it out on whose product actually meets core requirements.

SIEM solutions, in reality, are optimized for different use-cases and one size never fits all. The good news is that with the number of potential solutions to choose from, if you do your homework, you will find a product that meets your requirements. So how do you cut through all the vendor claims and hype and select the right solution for your environment and needs?

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