SIEM Trends, Challenges and Solution Preferences

Gain the latest insights on how organizations are using SIEM to improve their security posture.

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a powerful technology that allows security operations teams to collect, correlate, and analyze log data from a variety of systems across the entire IT infrastructure to identify and report security threats and suspicious activity.

Netsurion partnered with Cybersecurity Insiders and the 400,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn to sponsor one of the most comprehensive surveys on SIEM to date, designed to explore the latest trends, key challenges, and solution preferences for SIEM.

Download the full survey report to see how your peers view the effectiveness of SIEM’s capabilities and learn about the key challenges that lead many to explore co-managed SIEM solutions.

Why do organizations prefer co-managed SIEM?

Co-management is on the rise and expected to continue to grow as organizations have discovered that self-managing a robust SIEM solution is too expensive, arduous to maintain, and is difficult to staff for constant monitoring. Proper security management is a collaboration with our customers to deliver results and optimize your team's effectiveness.

Reduce Deployment Time

Experience faster implementation times. More than 41% of SIEM tool deployments take more than three months.

Control cost and Resources

Avoid the cost of diverting staff or bringing in a SIEM engineer to install the platform or routinely upgrade, patch and tune.

Simplify Contracts and Scalability

Gain scalability (up or down) and avoid up-front capital expenses as well as hardware-related expansion and refresh.

Maximize Security Capabilities

Optimize your use of capabilities beyond traditional SIEM like threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, and HoneyNet deception.

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SC Media’s 2019 top-rated SIEM and the only one to earn a “Recommended” status.

"A highly intuitive, customizable solution that aims to make use of this effective security measure very straightforward."

Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM recognizes EventTracker
for 11th consecutive year.

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This study is a summary of responses from over 350 IT and cybersecurity professionals. It provides a comprehensive look into the vital role SIEM plays in organizations’ security postures. It highlights the key challenges organizations face in maximizing SIEM value, as well as the business impact and use cases that justify SIEM budget expansion.

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See EventTracker in action!

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