Security Orchestration and Automated Response

Automate workflows and accelerate the overall process of threat detection, prioritization, and remediation.

Improve Threat Response with Automation

While alerts to suspicious behavior are necessary, the real goal is acting on the suspicious behavior as quickly and effectively as possible. That’s the next evolution of SIEM: Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR).

SOAR functionality consolidates data sources, uses information provided by threat intelligence feeds, and automates responses to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

While traditional SIEM solutions can “say” something, those that incorporate SOAR can also “do” something.

Evolving from Alerts to Actions

Machine learning capabilities allow the EventTracker platform to more effectively find the proverbial "needle in a haystack" by detecting and alerting to real threats and minimizing false positives. But rather than depending on security analysts to respond to every such incident, EventTracker uses SOAR to reduce response times, improve remediation consistency, and increase SOC productivity.

What SOAR Can Do:

  1. Terminate unknown processes immediately
  2. Monitor propagation of suspected malware
  3. Suspend accounts that violate policies or established normal behavior
  4. Generate an incident report in an enterprise's IT management platform

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See EventTracker in action!

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