Provides real-time alerts to security admin and prevents hostile attackers from reconnaissance


EventTracker HoneyNet is a cyber-defense product that thwarts attempts by attackers to gain information about a private network. Comprised of multiple virtualized decoys strategically scattered throughout the network to lure bad actors, honeynets can provide intelligence about malicious activity against the network. EventTracker HoneyNet is integrated with the EventTracker Console and alerts network administrators of suspicious activity, and provides them with situational awareness view of their network. Learn more


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Honeypot versus Threat Intelligence


  • Limits the effects of internal and external cyber-attacks by detecting suspicious activity, providing false data to attackers, and alerting network administrators of critical issues
  • Acts as an excellent source of threat intelligence; information is current, locally relevant and timely with minimum maintenance
  • Prevents hostile attackers from performing reconnaissance on private networks
  • Improves situation awareness across networks


  • Defeats hostile reconnaissance with deception
  • Uses machine learning to automatically classify suspects without exploitable signature databases
  • Complements and works well with existing intrusion detection systems
  • Provides an easy-to-use web interface for viewing status and configuration
  • Generates automated alerts to the EventTracker Incidents dashboard when a hostile entity is discovered

Watch Randy Franklin Smith’s Webinar

“Deploying Honeynets Outside and Inside Your Network and Integration with Your SIEM”

Take a look at options for honeynets and learn honeypot concepts like the haystack and doppelgangers; see how to deploy a honeynet without disrupting your network; and find out how to integrate them with your SIEM.