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City of Liberty, MO

City of Liberty Finds Efficiency and Security with EventTracker Enterprise

Located northeast of Kansas City, Liberty, Missouri, is home to nearly 30,000 residents who enjoy the atmosphere of a small town and have easy access to the amenities of the big city. Founded in 1822, Liberty is the second oldest incorporated town west of the Mississippi River. In recent years, Liberty has gained national recognition as a great place to live and raise families.

The City of Liberty oversees public departments including the police department, fire department, public utilities, and parks and recreation, and is extremely focused on security and operational efficiency. The City has 40 servers, both physical and virtual, in five locations. Since April 2011, the City’s IT specialists have been using EventTracker Enterprise to monitor these servers.

Prior to implementing EventTracker, the IT team was spending valuable time searching through logs manually. “We lacked a decent notification system,” said Robert Ledford, Information Systems Specialist for the City of Liberty. The majority of problems facing the team were account lockouts, processes that were taking up too much CPU, and taking up disk space.

It took approximately one week to customize the alerts within EventTracker and determine what events they wanted to monitor. The team went from manually scanning the logs to receiving automatic updates that alerted them when accounts had outdated passwords, when services were repeatedly crashing, and when SQL that was taking up too much memory.

“Efficiency has increased dramatically,” Ledford says. “Among other things, EventTracker has helped with software installations, proactively resolving hard drive space, and maintaining the uptime of our mail servers, which often get overwhelmed. In some cases, we didn’t even realize there was an issue until EventTracker told us.”

The operational use case for monitoring event logs is clearly evidenced in the City of Liberty deployment of EventTracker. By automating the monitoring of logs, the IT team has been able improve how efficiently and effectively they address issues within the infrastructure. Instead of reacting to issues as they are detected, the team is able to prioritize which they will address first.

According to Ledford, one of the biggest benefits of using EventTracker Enterprise is how quickly it finds and locates servers that aren’t running properly. “It used to take a couple of days to search manually if nothing was going on,” said Ledford. With EventTracker’s real-time alerts, Ledford and his team can review the dashboard and quickly find and address problems as they arise. “Now it only takes a matter of minutes,” said Ledford.

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