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The keys to a compliance-ready records retention schedule

A.N. Ananth comments on how to maintain different regulatory compliance standards with data retention plans and other compliance policies. […]

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In Fight Against Hacktivists, Financial Firms Need Layers of Security

EventTracker’s CEO, A.N. Ananth comments on how companies should increase security to protect their networks from hacktivists and disgruntled employees. […]

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The evolution of Security and Information Event Management systems

EventTracker’s CEO, A.N. Ananth comments on the change in SIEM solutions over time, and how social media and the cloud has impacted their growth. […]

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What Snowden’s thumb-drive stash of NSA secrets means for feds

EventTracker’s CEO, A.N. Ananth, comments on the recent leak of classified information by former NSA contract employee Edward Snowden, who allegedly copied the information onto a thumb drive. […]

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SC Magazine 5-Star Review

EventTracker has received a 5-star rating and a recommendation from SC Magazine. Strengths: This product is a well-designed enterprise-class tool. Weaknesses: Hard to find a substantial weakness. Verdict: Version 7.3 of EventTracker Enterprise is a big leap forward in SIEM technology. Recommended. […]

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IT security: Luxury or commodity in these uncertain times?

A.N. Ananth’s article discusses how the IT security budget will fare as spending is closely examined to prepare for budget cuts. […]

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Thieves, spies move to AVTs: advanced volatile threats

A.N. Ananth comments on the emergence of Advanced Volatile Threats and what it could mean for the future of cyber threats. […]

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Worry Not Because the Threat Is from China, But Because the Threat Is Real

IT Business Edge A.N. Ananth comments on protecting not only against the Chinese security threat, but cyber threats in general in this article by IT Business Edge. […]

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Obama’s cybersecurity executive order issued for critical infrastructure

Jagat Shah comments on the executive order issued by Obama that aims to create voluntary cybersecurity standards and best practices. […]

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7 Routes To Reducing The Compliance ‘Tax’

A.N. Ananth discusses how companies that use a top-down approach when it comes to regulatory compliance can significantly reduce costs. […]

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Analysts Recommend Diligent Network Monitoring for Public Sector Cyber Security

A.N. Ananth discusses the need for the public sector to take threats seriously and monitor their networks diligently. […]

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Disable Java? For agencies, the real question is: Why not?

A.N. Ananth discusses the pros and cons of disabling Java in government agencies. […]

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Jettisoning Java: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

A.N. Ananth discusses the pros and cons of disabling Java to guard against a zero-day attack. […]

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Vigilant Network Monitoring Recommended for Public-Sector Cybersecurity in 2013

A.N. Ananth discusses the need for the public sector to monitor their networks diligently, and to think smart. […]

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Global DataGuard and EventTracker to Host Webinar on ‘Big Data’ Analysis and Advanced Persistent Threats

See the article from Global DataGuard here. […]

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Webcast: MITRE ATT&CK Framework

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