ETM Podcast: December 2010

Dr. Anton Chuvakin leads an all-star panel to provide some useful information on SIEM for enterprises and small organizations. He is joined by A. N. Ananth (Prism Mircosystems), Nick Briers (IBM Tivoli) and Brain Singer (Novell). Questions discussed include:

* What are the defining features of a SIEM? Is it correlation, reporting, normalization or a combination of these?

* So does every organization actually need a SIEM solution? If not every organization needs a SIEM, then how about log management? Will this change in the future so that every organization will need a SIEM?

* How do you increase the chance of SIEM deployment being successful early on and then on an ongoing basis?

* Let’s look at the flip side of success tips. What are the worst mistakes you’ve observed with SIEM deployments in operation?