Small businesses are prime targets for cyber attacks: SIEM-as-a-service can help

Network World

Threats are becoming more pervasive and more sophisticated, and small businesses that thought they were below the radar are now prime targets. Just last year, a breach resulting in malware infection of Oracle’s MICROS point-of-sale system, used in more than 330,000 cash registers around the world, put numerous retailers at risk of data theft. Many small businesses have no way to detect a compromise of their systems until banks, credit card companies, or law enforcement notify them of the problem.

The managed data and network security service provider Netsurion has just released a new service targeted at multi-location businesses – like franchises – to provide advanced threat detection solutions. The service, SIEM-at-the-Edge, includes the implementation of EventTracker SIEM technology directly on the local business’s workstations, and combines security event monitoring capabilities with managed detection and response (MDR).

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