Advanced Threat Protection and Compliance

Actionable threat intelligence with response automation

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SIEMphonic Essentials is specifically designed to deliver the results small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) need in a practical and cost-effective model. Traditional security solutions cannot compete with modern malware. Malware attacks increasingly use mutation to reduce the chance of being fully eradicated, even if successfully detected.

Detect and Eradicate Threats

Faster detection and response to threats that evade anti-virus and firewalls.

Simplify Compliance

Improve your audit process by providing pre-defined reports on PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST 800-171 compliance regulations.

Security Expertise

24/7 monitoring, daily summary reports, and hands-on support for high-priority incidents.


24/7 Advanced Threat Monitoring

24/7 managed security service powered by an enterprise SIEM platform trusted by global brands, energy utilities, universities, government, and military, packaged to fit the needs of SMBs.

Simplify security and compliance

Unlike other solutions that are difficult to manage and still leave security gaps, SIEMphonic Essentials meets the security and compliance needs of small and medium businesses in a single, affordable solution.

Threat Detection and Response

Threat Detection and Response

Gain visibility and insight into potential threats and risks

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Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Automate regulatory requirement steps to ensure and maintain compliance

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Essentials for Free

Try SIEMphonic
Essentials for Free

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Threat protection beyond traditional defenses

SIEMphonic Essentials provides 24/7 monitoring of your network for advanced threats that evade anti-virus and firewalls. With real-time alerting and remediation recommendations, be confident that your network is defended, while you focus on your core business responsibilities.


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Actionable Security Intelligence

Practical and affordable threat protection

Every organization's security needs are different. SIEMphonic Essentials is a comprehensive solution that provides you the results you need while controlling costs and resources.


EventTracker handles the SIEM administration for you including: software updates, knowledge packs, system health checks, storage projections, and third-party integration performance checks.


EventTracker provides 24/7 threat monitoring by analyzing network and user behavior, while you receive an alerts and reports of critical observations and actionable security intelligence.


EventTracker ensures you maintain auditor-ready artifacts so you are always ready for an IT audit. We provide both summary and detailed reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST 800-171 regulations frameworks.

Got 5 minutes?

See how our advanced endpoint security solution protects all of your endpoints from ransomware and other advanced persistent threats.

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How it works

With a light-weight sensor deployed to your critical endpoints, you’ll be alerted immediately of any potentially dangerous anomalies or suspicious activities. SIEMphonic Essentials uses human-supervised machine learning to understand your business environment and more accurately determine what events you consider threats, and enable automated responses to specific events.

Endpoint Sensor
  • Install dedicated, secure sensor to get started
  • EventTracker is deployed in the same day
  • No special hardware or software required
  • Supports multiple log formats
  • Billions of logs via secure encrypted transmission
  • Collect and store logs securely for 400 days
  • Automatic review of log data and behavior analysis
  • High-speed searches or use pre-built queries
Threat Intel
  • Data is correlated with our threat intel including 50+ feeds
  • Real-time threat detection and alerts
  • Enterprise and global whitelisting/blacklisting
Managed Service
  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis of alerts
  • Terminate attacks in real-time
  • Compliance assistance
  • Weekly critical observations report with remediation advice

Ideal for managed service providers

SIEMphonic Essentials makes effective cybersecurity practical for all organizations, but is especially powerful for MSPs. With SIEMphonic Essentials, IT service providers are able to efficiently support multiple customers with a single pane of glass, and to provide the most effective managed security to their customers without any additional overhead.


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