Co-Managed SIEM

Catch more threats. Respond quicker. Simplify compliance.

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Strengthen your security defenses, respond effectively, control costs, and
optimize your team's capabilities through SIEMphonic, a co-managed security solution.

It’s difficult to deploy, manage and use an effective combination of expertise and tools that provide early detection of targeted, advanced threats and insider threats. With SIEMphonic Enterprise, we work together with you to analyze event data in real-time, then collect, store, investigate, and report on log data for incident response, forensics, and regulatory compliance.





ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

The EventTracker Control Center, our Security Operations Center (SOC), has been audited and formally certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification emphasizes EventTracker’s strong commitment to providing the highest levels of security to enterprises.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the context of the organization. It also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organization.

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Co-managed to form the ideal team

Organizations have discovered that self-managing a robust SIEM solution is too expensive, arduous to maintain, and is difficult to staff for constant monitoring. Co-management is on the rise and expected to grow five-fold by 2020. Proper security management is a collaboration with our customers to deliver results and optimize your team's effectiveness, and it’s available through SIEMphonic Enterprise.

All critical capabilities under one roof

While SIEM is at our core, SIEMphonic Enterprise delivers and orchestrates all of the critical capabilities needed to predict, prevent, detect and respond to security incidents.

SIEM and Log Management

SIEM and Log Management

Reduce the noise-to-signal ratio and deliver vital and actionable data

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Threat Detection
and Response

Threat Detection
and Response

Gain visibility and insight into potential threats and risks

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Avoid attacks by identifying your network’s vulnerable systems and versions

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User Behavior

User Behavior

Detect new activities that significantly deviate from normal operations

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Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Automate regulatory requirement steps to ensure and maintain compliance

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Try SIEMphonic
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It's about results

SIEMphonic Enterprise allows you to fight through the noise of millions of events and incidents and get right to what matters most. Our platform helps predict, prevent and detect while our security analysts help you respond quickly and appropriately.

Choose the cadence that's right for your organization and EventTracker will provide you with actionable security intelligence.

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Download the EventTracker Security Center brochure

Actionable Security Intelligence

Flexible to fit your team

Every organization's security needs are different. Our goal is to collaborate and define the right level of service that makes sense for your staff, your skillsets, and your business situation. We "right-size" SIEMphonic Enterprise so you can get the results you need while controlling costs.


EventTracker handles the SIEM administration for you including: software updates, knowledge packs, system health checks, storage projections, and third-party integration performance checks.


EventTracker delivers 24/7 analysis through our SOC. As a result, we review millions of alerts and incidents while you receive a single report consisting only of critical observations and actionable security intelligence.


EventTracker ensures you maintain auditor-ready artifacts so you are always ready for an IT audit. We provide both summary and detailed reports for your relevant regulation frameworks.


EventTracker can go further by providing custom alerts and scripts along with advanced correlation and behavior analysis configuration that makes sense for your organization.

Quickly deployed and easily scalable

With a light-weight sensor deployed to your critical endpoints, EventTracker alerts you immediately of any anomalies or suspicious activities. SIEMphonic Enterprise listen to you as you tune the solution to what events you consider threats, as well as those you do not allowing you to also automate responses to specific events.

Monitor Systems
and User Behavior
  • User behavior and activity analysis
  • Event correlation
  • 400-day searchable log retention
  • Monitor  file and app changes
  • Threat dashboard
Detect Cyber
Attacks Instantly
  • Removable media inserts and file copying
  • Group security policy changes
  • Abnormal network or system activity
  • Abnormal user activity or remote access
  • Application installs
  • Terminate Processes with Blacklisted Hash
  • Terminate connections to bad reputed IPs
  • Propagate action across all endpoints

Managed Threat Detection and Response

Traditional security methods cannot keep up with the ever-changing attacks facing small- and medium-sized multi-location businesses. SIEMphonic Essentials delivers advanced threat protection at the right size and the right price to be practical, affordable, and effective in securing business-crticial systems. Learn more

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