Endpoint Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring Against Cyber Attacks

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Adaptive Endpoint Threat Detection

Endpoints are the weak point of every network, existing beyond the protective layers of internal security. When end users engage in behaviors, like connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, visiting potentially dangerous websites, and opening email with malicious attachments or links, endpoints are a particularly vulnerable attack vector with access to your organization’s network. Enforcing endpoint security policies is not enough. Endpoint monitoring is critical. The best approach is to use the endpoint as a sensor, collecting state information, understanding what behavior is normal, and identifying what isn’t.

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Dynamic and Automated Service

EventTracker’s Endpoint Monitoring is an automated, adaptive endpoint threat protection service built on the powerful, unified EventTracker SIEM and Log Management platform. It can identify the key indicators of malicious behavior, including rogue processes, evidence of persistence, suspicious traffic, mismatches between activity and user-roles, and unusual OS artifacts. As soon as any malicious activity is detected, it automatically provides an alert to enable organizations to quickly respond.

All events, registry changes, and user activities are correlated, and if suspicious, trigger automatic alerts.



Delivered via
the Cloud


Continuous Monitoring

No Experience Necessary

Immediate Results

EventTracker's Endpoint Monitoring Service was designed to provide an immediate and effortless line of defense.
Here's how it works once you sign up:



The sensor will need to be installed on each endpoint that needs to be monitored.



Every process launched on each monitored endpoint is compared to our extensive threat database for safety.



All events, registry changes, user activities are correlated, and if suspicious, trigger automatic alerts.



Daily and weekly reports are available within the EventTracker portal.

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